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Agent Guide

User Options for ACD Pro Queues

Last updated on August 25, 2022


Agent Login Options


Option 1: Dashboard

  1. Agents may also select their default device here by clicking on the phone icon. This will open the user’s full list of available devices. Green icons indicate the device is registered. Red means the device is not registered and should not be selected. Note: Currently queue calls will only ring to VoIP devices (including softphones and the VirtualPBX Web Phone).

Option 2: Use Feature Codes on a Registered VoIP Device

Notion image

Option 3: VirtualPBX Web Phone

  1. Login to your Web Phone at and click on Begin Session
  1. Click on Away to open the status dropdown, where you will see the option to make yourself Ready.
  1. At the end of your shift, click your queue status and select End Session to logout of the queues.
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