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Text Numbers

Add Texting to numbers on your account

  • Text Numbers delivers the standard features of VirtualText without needing to add a User to your account.
  • When adding a Text Numbers, it will be added to your VirtualText application as a standard login. Only Admin Users on your account can become administrators of your VirtualText application.
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  1. Click “Text Numbers” on your left-side menu
  1. Click “Add Text Number” at the top
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  1. Simply add a name for your text number. Does not affect how your number will work, for internal purposes only
  1. Select your number
    1. Your number must be in “Spare numbers” in your VirtualPBX Dashboard to be able to be added as a Text Number. If the number you are trying to associate is already associated elsewhere in your system, it will need to be put into spare (un-assign it) first. After you complete adding the Text Number here, you can then go back and re-add the number to where it was originally.
  1. Select an email address to be used with logging in to Virtual Text
    1. E-mail addresses must be unique to your VirtualText portal. Credentials will be sent to this email address

You’re all set! You may now log in to this credential in your VirtualText mobile app or browser app.

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