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Using Legacy SMS

Last updated on August 25, 2022


Customers who began service with VirtualPBX before April 26, 2022 are encouraged to use the new VirtualText App but must work with the Customer Service Team to convert their account before they are able to proceed. Set up a time with our team here.


Using SMS on your VirtualPBX Softphone

Using Zapier for Business SMS

Using Webhooks to receive SMS Notifications


Using the Business SMS feature is easy. Please review this guide for quick and easy tips on how to send and receive text messages using your VirtualPBX Softphone, using Zapier, and using Webhooks, and our API.

Before trying to use Business SMS on your VirtualPBX Softphone, make sure that you have Enabled SMS first.

Using SMS on Your VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone

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  1. Open up your VirtualPBX Softphone and click on the messages icon on the top right of your VirtualPBX Softphone.
  1. Click on People to Find a contact and send a message to them
  1. Or click on the + sign to start a new conversation and enter the phone number

Using SMS on Your VirtualPBX Mobile Softphone



Texting from your phone is just as seamless as on your desktop. Start by opening up your VirtualPBX Softphone App and click on the text icon on the Softphone interface of your phone to view past messages, and click on the message to respond.

Using Zapier for Business SMS


Using one of our handy Zapier templates, you can send and receive text messages to tools like Slack. The first step you will want to take is to create a Trigger in Zapier. This tell Zapier what you want to happen when, for example, you “Receive a Text Message”.


By opening up a free Zapier account, you can use our SMS template to receive text messages right into your Slack chat.


Using Webhooks to Receive SMS Notifications


Do you want to make sure you never miss a text message? You can take advantage of VirtualPBX Webhooks to receive notifications of a text message to your favorite tools like Trello.


In conjunction with Zapier, you will use the Webhooks feature to get a unique URL that will be triggered by a text message received, which will be populated on your Trello board.


Use Our API to Send and Receive Text Messages

For more customized options to send and receive text messages, you can use the VirtualPBX API. To see if your plan is eligible for access to our API and how to use our API for Business SMS, contact one of our VoIP Specialists.

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