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Auto Attendants


Auto Attendants are additional forms of using the Main Number. They allow you to have different main numbers with different greetings or even different menu options. This is useful for multiple businesses in one account in most cases.

  • Auto Attendants are a plan specific feature
    • You may discuss this option with our Services team at 888-825-0800, option 4, or
  • Auto Attendants share the open and closed hours of your Main Number by design

Creating and Auto Attendant Configuration

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  1. Click on Auto Attendants on the left side
  1. Click on Add Attendant at the top of the page
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  1. Enter a name for the attendant
  1. Enter an extension number for the attendant. This is required, but unless a customer calls to a menu and knows this extension, they would not reach it by accident
  1. Click on Create Attendant
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Optional: This item allows an auto attendant to be selectable option from other menus within the system

  1. Click on the name of the Auto-Attendant
  1. Choose to leave it as Unavailable in Main Menu or click to change to be Available in Main Menu
    1. Unavailable means you want this to be a standalone attendant that can not connect with other parts of your system
    2. Available means this can be a menu option. This can essentially be used for a sub menus
      1. For example, if option 1 is for English and 2 for Spanish, you would create an auto attendant with each respective language’s options, each as auto attendants, and set options 1 and 2 for the top menu as those attendants.
  1. Click on Save changes

Adding a Phone Number to your Auto Attendant

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  1. To add a phone number to an attendant click on the Phone numbers box for the attendant you want to work with
  1. Click on either Add from Spare Number or Buy Numbers. Please refer to Adding a Phone Number for complete instructions.

Configuring your Auto Attendant Routing

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  1. To continue setting up the attendant, click on the wrench icon under Settings
  1. Click on the time of day you want to work with. The time of day for the attendants matches what you setup under Main Number / Office hours
  1. Click on Virtual Receptionist
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For full instructions on the Virtual Receptionist please refer to the Incoming Call Handling guide.

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