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Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

Direct Inward System Access allows cell phone and landline telephone users to call into your account and then initiate an outbound call using your systemโ€™s Default Caller ID.ย 

This feature of the system generally needs to be approved by VirtualPBX, as it can open you up to security risks and unexpected usage on your account if used maliciously. .

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  1. Start by clicking on Advanced Routing on the left side
  1. Click on Direct Inward System Access
  1. Click to Enable
  1. Click Edit Settings
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  1. We recommend clicking on Add Extension
  1. You may use the system generated PIN or create your own
  1. Enter an extension number, we recommend using an extension that is NOT part of your normal number sequence (ie if you start with extension 1000, do not use 1020)
  1. Click on Save Changes

Using DISA


Mobile or landline users can now call into your main number. When they hear the main greeting play they can enter the extension number or menu option for Direct Inward Access if you set one up

They will then be prompted to enter the PIN.

Once the PIN is entered they will hear a dial tone, at which time they will want to enter the phone number they wish to call out to.

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