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Quickcall allows you to start an outbound call from the VirtualPBX Dashboard. This starts in your User Portal by forwarding that initiated call to the device of your choosing. This gives users the ability to place a call with a cell phone or landline number. When a call is placed in this manner, the outbound caller ID is the VirtualPBX account’s caller ID, instead of the cell phone or landline.

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  1. After logging into click on the Menu icon
  1. Click on User Portal
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  1. Click on Contact List
  1. Click on Quickcall device to select the device you or your agent will be using for the call
  1. Enter the 10 digit number you want to call, typically your customer’s number
  1. Click on the Call button. This appears after you’ve entered the destination number
  1. The User Portal will now start the call by dialing the user’s selected device first.
  1. Once that call is accepted, VirtualPBX will then dial out to the customer’s phone number you input in step 3.
  1. When the intended recipient receives the call they will see the caller ID set on the Dash account.
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