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Away Message


Away messages act as auto-responders to inbound messages. When an away message is active and a message is received, the contact who sent the message will receive an automatic reply containing the away message as the body of the message.

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Setting an Away Message

Away messages utilize the Canned Response library as a source of messages to choose from. To set an away message, you must create at least one canned response. Once you have created a canned response, simply hover on the "Available" status indicator to display a list of canned responses to choose from.

Clearing an Away Message

To clear your away message, simply hover on the Away Message status indicator and select the "Available" option at the top of the dropdown.

Auto Responder Loops

In the event you have an active away message, and a remote auto-responder sends you a message, we take some steps to prevent both auto-responders from infinitely replying to each other.

This scenario can quickly increase costs with your VoIP provider.

When an away message is sent to a contact, the body of the message that caused the auto-response to be sent is associated with the contact. If that same contact sends the same message again, then the auto-response will not be sent a second time.

Note that if a remote auto-responder sends messages with unique content each time, it is still possible for auto-responder loops to occur.

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