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Business Texting Consent Guide

SMS Opt-In Consent Types

SMS Opt-In Consent Types Support Guide

SMS consent involves acquiring permission or authorization from individuals or customers to receive text messages (SMS or MMS) from a business or organization. It is vital to obtain explicit consent from recipients to ensure their willingness to receive such communications. SMS consent is essential for businesses to comply with regulations, maintain a positive relationship with their audience, and avoid potential legal issues or complaints related to unsolicited messaging.

  1. Choose an objective. Objectives include:
    1. Informational messages: Informational messages are conversational or transactional messages that provide useful information to customers, such as a welcome message, an order confirmation, or a shipping update.
    2. Promotional messages: Promotional texts are messages that are designed to promote or advertise a product, service, or event. These texts usually contain a call-to-action, such as a discount code or a link to a website where the recipient can make a purchase.
  1. Choose an opt-in method. Opt-in methods include:
    1. Single Opt-In: In this method, the user only needs to take one action to opt in, such as texting a keyword to a short code, filling out a form on a website, or texting a business.
    2. Double Opt-In: A double opt-in requires an additional step to confirm the opt-in, typically via a confirmation text that requires the customer to text β€œYES” to receive messages.
  1. Understand opt-in types. Opt-in types include:
    1. Implied consent: If the consumer starts the text exchange and the business responds with relevant info.
    2. Express consent: During a transaction, a customer opts-in to receive text messages about their order
    3. Keyword consent: By texting a specific keyword to a business, a customer gives consent to receive text messages.
    4. Express written consent: Consent can be provided by a customer through paper or electronic methods such as a website form, agreeing verbally in a recorded call, or selecting a dial pad key during an inbound call.
    5. Keyword double opt-in consent: If texting consent had been granted previously, a customer can provide further consent to receive text messages by responding with β€œYES”.
  1. Now that you understand the basics of opt-in types, you can use the helpful guide below to decide which level of consent is needed for your campaign.
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