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Switch Number


The number switcher allows you to toggle between your phone number and other numbers that have been shared with your account.

Note: Some users and account types may be limited to a single number.

Switching Numbers

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To switch active numbers, simply click on the number switcher at the top left of the screen and select a number from the dropdown. The application will reload the current page content, according to the number that you selected.

Note: Switching to an account with a large number of active conversations or contacts may cause a period of delay where the app is downloading relevant conversations and contact data to your device.
Note: When sending a message on a shared number, the user that sent the message will be associated with the message so that you can identify who said what inside of a conversation. To view the sender name, you can hover over the message status label (e.g. "Sent" on the bottom right of an outbound message).
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