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Text Forward

Text Forward is a feature that enables a number, or numbers, on your account to forward to an email or webhook when that number receives a text message. This can not be applied to numbers that are already using VirtualText at this time. This feature can be enabled by admins inside of the dashboard by clicking your name in the upper right and navigating to Add-Ons. Click Enable to enable this feature and note that standard fees apply.

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If this option is not available within your dashboard, you may be on a plan that does not include Add-Ons. Please reach out to our Customer Service Team to discuss upgrading your plan and turning this feature on.

  1. In the Dashboard, in the left menu, choose VirtualText Forward.
  1. Next, click on Add Number. This will queue up any numbers that are associated to your account that can be enabled for Text Forward. Then you want to choose your number from the drop down list of available numbers.
    1. VirtualText numbers are not available
  1. Enter the email address that should receive those messages or paste in the webbook url. Once this is completed, just click on Create Text Forward.
  1. Next, test your message delivery by clicking send a test message. Your message will display what number is the message sent from, what number is sent to, and the message content.

Please note MMS is sent as an attachment on emails and is not available in your webhook’s payload.

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