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VirtualText Pro

To enable VirtualText Pro features, please reach out to our Customer Service Team. If you have not already registered your business to send text messages, you may do so by clicking SMS Registration in the upper menu of your dashboard.

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Drip Campaigns

  1. To create a new drip campaign, let's say for an onboarding group of customers, simply click on create new campaign. Then you want to name the purpose of that campaign, in this case onboarding series.
  1. Create however many drips are within that campaign, which would be how many messages these type of customer will receive. Let's start with three for now. Then you want to put in the message content. You can also include Merge Fields for dynamic information, like first name.
  1. Once you've set the content up, you'll want to set up the frequency of these messages. The first one should be sent out within the first minute of it's being applied to a contact.
  1. Once everything's configured, you'll enter save and apply this to a contact.
  1. To apply to a contact, simply go to the contact’s conversation.
  1. Click on the teardrop in the conversation field and you can apply any saved drip. This will show you the preview of when the message would be sent out and if it looks good, apply the campaign.


  1. Blasts are a great way to send a single message to a large group of contact. Often used for marketing purposes as well as a sales incentive. To send a new blast, simply click on send new blasts.
  1. Name your blast message. You have the option to set it as a draft if you're working on it, schedule it, or send now.
  1. Then input in your message content.
  1. Choose the Contact List that should receive these message and simply click on Save Blast. And that's it. You can also view your drafts, scheduled, and sent messages at any time.


  1. Reminders are a great way to send scheduled messages to individual contacts.
  1. Let's say you have an onboarding coming up for the customer and you want to send them a reminder 24 hours before. You'll click on Create Reminder and simply choose the contact that has the scheduled event. Then you'll set it to their time zone and choose the date for the reminder – for example, 24 hours before their scheduled event. Next, enter the reminder message. This is a great place to add an easy way for them to reschedule if needed.
  1. Save your message and that's it.
  1. Scheduled messages can be previewed and changed at any time prior to the message being sent.
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