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DNS SRV Settings

Fast and resilient call routing is important to have a great VoIP experience. DNS SRV is a technology that helps your VoIP phone route calls to the closest Dash datacenter and in the event of maintenance, technical incidents, or internet interruptions, transparently re-route calls to one of our geographically dispersed, redundant datacenters.

Phones that support NAPTR/SRV records must be configured using one of the below NAPTR/SRV records on the outbound proxy setting:


NAPTR/SRV records provide a redundant mechanism where phones failover to their closest datacenter when any loss in performance occurs at their primary datacenter. For example, if a phone is configured using the “” it will try to place calls on the EAST datacenter and failover to the CENTRAL datacenter should any issue arise. Failover paths operate as follows:

  • West → Central → East
  • Central → East → West
  • East → Central → West

Phones available for auto-provisioning in Dash will be configured correctly and will require no further action. Detailed instructions for updating NAPTR/SRV records are available for the following brands. Don’t see your brand? Contact 24/7 support at, by calling 888.825.0800, or reaching out in live chat.

  • Cisco
  • Yealink
  • Polycom


Ensure the Outbound Proxy has the NAPTR/SRV record for the datacenter that is geographically closest to you and “Use DNS SRV” and “DNS SRV Auto Prefix” are enabled.


Ensure Enable Outbound Proxy Server is Enabled and Outbound Proxy Server 1 has the NAPTR/SRV record for the datacenter that is geographically closest to you with Port 0.


Ensure the NAPTR/SRV Address contains the datacenter geographically closest to you, Port is set to 0, and Transport is set to DNSnaptr.

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