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Grandstream Grandstream GDS3712 Video Intercom Device

Grandstream GDS3712 Intercom Provisioning/Configuration

The GDS3712 requires a manual wiring setup with an ethernet cable as it does not have an RJ45 plug. You can find the wiring instructions here:

We recommend that you start by making sure that your Grandstream device has the most recent version of the firmware. Please note that updating the firmware may change the screen images that we present here. The purpose of the fields should be the same regardless of version.

  • Create a 3rd party softphone in Dash
  • Go to Users
  • Click on the devices box for the user
Notion image
  • Click on Add New Device
  • Click on Softphone
  • You’ll see a warning message related to wireless technology and E911
Notion image
  • Enter the Device name
  • Go to Advanced > Audio > and move G711U & G711A over to “Selected”
  • Copy the SIP Username
  • Click on the SIP Password to reveal the password
  • Copy the SIP Password
  • You will need the SIP Username and Password and Realm to setup the Grandstream device
  • Once the softphone is saved, please contact support (888-825-0800 option 2) and request that video codec H264 is added onto this softphone for the GDS3712. If this step is not taken, then video will not broadcast correctly.
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Find the IP Address of the GDS3702 from your router and enter it into the web browser for the Login Page.

Notion image

Username: Admin Password: Password is on the sticker on the front face of the intercom. First time logging in, it will ask you to change the password. Please note the new password. Once Logged in, go to Account > Account 1 (on the left side)

Notion image

SIP Server = Realm Outbound Proxy = DNS Mode = NAPTR/SRV SIP User ID = SIP Username Authentication ID = SIP Username Password = SIP Password Display Name = Name of device Click “Save” at bottom to save account information.

Notion image

To configure the button on the intercom to ring do the following: Next go to Door System Settings > Basic Settings DoorBell Call Out Account = Account 1 Doorbell Mode = Call Doorbell Number Number 1 Called When Door Bell Pressed = Extension number you want dialed when the intercom button is pressed. Primarily should be a user extension or ring group extension Click “Save”

When answering the call from the GDS3712, please make sure to answer it as a video call if you want to see video.. If you answer as an audio call, it will only stay audio even if you try to enable video afterwards.

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