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iOS Softphone Setup & User Guide

iOS Mobile App


You can find our iOS mobile app in the Apple Store, titled VirtualPBX Phone. You can also download the app at


Create A Softphone


You must be a VirtualPBX administrator to complete these tasks

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  1. In the Dashboard, click on Users
  1. Click Devices alongside the user you wish to assign the device
  1. Click Choose Device and select Softphone
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1: Click the toggle from “Use 3rd Party Application” - It should switch to “Use VPBX Application”.

2: Enter a name for the softphone so you can identify it on the Dashboard.

3: Click “Create Device”. The email address you use for login should now receive an email from with your softphone credentials.

iOS Softphone Overview

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1: Return to the dialpad

2: View contacts

3: Call history

4: Texting / IM

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1: A number on the dialpad icon indicates new voicemail

2: A number next to call history indicates a missed call



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1: Contacts: The Contacts screen allows you to import your cell phone contacts into the Softphone app

2: Roster: List of softphone contacts available in your organization

3: Favorites: make a frequently called contact a favorite to easily find them here instead of going through your full contacts list

4: Call History

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You can view your entire call history or missed calls or meetings. 


1: Tap on the name of the missed caller to call the person back

2: Tap on the trashcan to delete the call history



NOTE:  Texting/IM features will only work with specific plans and settings.  If you are interested in this feature please contact our Account Services Team

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1: IM - This is used to send an instant message to another softphone contact in your company

2: SMS - This is used to send a SMS message out to an external number

3: Rooms - This is used to create a chat room for multiple people to message one another

4: New Message - Select this to choose the recipients and begin composing your message


Transferring Calls



Warm Transfers

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  1. While on a call, press the + symbol
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  1. Enter the extension or phone number you wish to transfer the call to, and then tap the call button. You will be calling the transferee, and can have a conversation prior to transferring the call.
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  1. When you’re ready to connect the customer in to the call, click the More icon (…)
  1. Click the “Transfer To” button to finish the transfer to the extension or phone number

Cold Transfers

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  1. Tap on the More icon (…).
  1. Click on Transfer.
  1. Enter the extension you wish to transfer the call to and then click on the green/white call xfer button to complete the transfer.

Recommended iOS Softphone Settings

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1: Click the Hamburger Menu to access the configuration menu

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1: Click on User Portal to change your password or delete devices you’ve logged in on

2: Tap on Settings to adjust how the app works

3: Tap on logout to logout of the app


Preferences: After clicking on the hamburger menu, click on the “Settings” Page.

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1: On the settings page, click on “Preferences”

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1: Improve Reachability: make sure this is enabled

Reachability Strategy: should be set to Enhanced

2: Native Integration: make sure this is disabled at first.

3: Verify that “Play Ringtone” is turned on. This option is hidden if Native Integration is turned on.

4: Turn on Native Integration


These settings help to insure that the app will not be closed by the OS / can be used in the background and that the softphone will ring


User Portal

A new feature for the VirtualPBX softphone is access to the “User

Portal” where you can do things like change your password

To open, click on the hamburger menu - Select “User Portal”

On the user portal, you have 5 options:

Notion image

1: Device Logs: These logs are used by our support team when troubleshooting issues with the softphone - In most cases users will not need to navigate to this page. If they need to send logs, they should do so through Settings > Advanced Settings > Verbose Logging > Send Logs instead.

2: Devices: This is where you can see what devices you have logged into the softphone on, and delete logins if you receive a “Device activation limit reached” error.

3: Meeting: This is where you can configure settings for your user conference options on your softphone. Most users will not need to navigate to this page. The Conference bridge should be created and set on your Dash User features instead.

4: Change Password: This is where you can change the password for your softphone login

5: Logout - This will log you out of the user portal


Devices/Device Limits

If you are logging into the softphone on a new device and you receive the error, “Device Activation limit reached”, you can delete old instances of logins via the User Portal.

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Click on the “Devices” tab: 


1: Under that tab, you should see the instances of the softphone login, with a “delete” option below them. Click on Delete, and you should be able to log in on a new device.

If you continue to experience problems with logging in, please contact VirtualPBX Support.


Change Password


To change your softphone password, you will need to be logged in with your current password.

Click on “Change Password”: 

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1: Input your current softphone password in the “Old password” field

2: Then, enter your new password in the “New Password” and the “Confirm” box.

3: Hit “Save Changes”: This will complete the password change.

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