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Updating BLF Keys

Busy Lamp Field Config

In Dash you can update your auto-provisioned VoIP phone to make use of Combo/BLF keys. This will require admin access to perform.

Note: You can set the Combo Keys / Line functions on the phone directly, but this will prevent changes made on the Dashboard combo keys options from reflecting on the phone. This will require a factory reset to undo.

This allows you to make use of Presence, additional lines, parking/retrieving calls,or speed dial provided your VoIP phone allows for these features.

Notion image

1:  Click on Devices

2:  Click on the wrench icon of the device you want to work with.

Notion image

3:  Click on Advanced

4:   Select Combo Keys / Feature Keys

Notion image

5:  Select the function you want to use

  • A:  Additional line:  Add another set of SIP credentials (ie 3rd party softphone) to make/receive calls with.  This can be from another account or simply allow 1 phone to handle multiple calls.  This softphone will count as an additional VoIP device
  • B:  Parking/Retrieving:  Place a call in a parking spot so that the call can be picked up at another VoIP phone - You will need to select the parking spot number under “Value”
    • Parking Notes:  Dash essentially uses an extension/voicemail box number as the parking spot number.  So if you have a user that has extension 101, you cannot make use of a parking spot 101.

      Additionally there is a cooldown to reuse a parking spot number of approximately 30 seconds.  Ie if you use parking spot 1212, you will not be able to use that parking spot again for 30 seconds.

  • C:  Personal Parking: The same as above, but the call can only be picked up by the designated user.
  • D:  Presence:  Will allow you to see if a colleague is on a call or not - You will need to select which user you want to monitor under “Value”
  • E:  Speed dial:  Quickly call another user or phone number - You will need to select the extension of the user, or 10 digit number you want to dial under “Value”

6: Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and save changes once you are finished. Be sure to reboot your phone after saving the changes to reflect the new BLF options.

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