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X-Lite & Bria

First, Create a Softphone or Retrieve Your Credentials

  1. In the Dashboard, click on Users
  1. Click Devices alongside the user you wish to assign the device
  1. Click Choose Device and select Softphone
  1. Change your device name and click Create Device. Record this information to use in your X-Lite/Bria setup. You can always return to reference your credentials by clicking on devices (under users) and selecting the device.
  1. Click Save Settings

Provisioning Your X-Lite/Bria

  1. Open X-Lite/Bria
  1. Go to Account Settings and complete the following:
      • Uncheck IM/Presence
      • User ID = SIP Username
      • Domain = realm listed for softphone
      • Password = SIP Password
      • Display Name = SIP username
      • Authorization Name = SIP Username
  1. Review Voicemail settings.
      • Set the number to dial for checking voicemail to *97
  1. Review Topology Settings
      • Range of ports used for signaling – 10000 to 25000
      • Range of ports used for RTP (both audio and video) – 10000 to 25000
  1. Review Presence settings. In most cases no changes will be necessary.
  1. If you use the X-Lite version, review Transport settings. In most cases no changes will be necessary.If you use the Bria version, your Transport settings should look like this:
  1. Review the Advanced settings. In most cases no changes will be necessary.
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