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Yealink Deskphone

T31S, T48S other Yealink Desk Phones


Dashboard - Create a Softphone to Retrieve Your Credentials

  1. Change your device name and click Create Device. Record this information to use in your Yealink deskphone setup. You can always return to reference your credentials by clicking on devices (under users) and selecting the device.
  1. Click Save Changes

Web UI - Provisioning Your Yealink Desk Phone

  1. Get the IP Address:
      • On Handset click “Ok” in middle of direction pad > Status > System Status
      • Username: admin
      • Password: admin
      • Once logged in go to Account > Basic and make sure the following are set correctly
        • Account Active: Enabled
        • Label: Extension Number
        • Display Name: Extension Number
        • Register Name: SIP Username
        • Username: SIP Username
        • Password: SIP Password
        • SIP Server: realm name
        • SIP Server Port: 5060
        • Enable Outbound Proxy Server: Enabled
        • Outbound Proxy Server:
        • Outbound Proxy Server Port: 7000
        • Click “Confirm” to save
        • Account > Codecs
  1. Drag the PCMU codec from the left column to the right column and confirm changes
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