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Audio Conferencing

Last updated on August 25, 2022


The video here will walk you through the necessary steps to enable conferencing on your Dash account. We have also provided steps and screenshots, for your reference.


Step-By-Step Instructions


In order to enable a conference bridge you must have a phone number set to your main conference bridge. To do this, select Main Number and click on “Main Conference Number” – here you can assign a spare number or buy a new number.


Enable Conferencing for Users

Joining a Conference

VoIP users and Conferencing


Enable Conferencing for users

Notion image
  1. Click on the Users tab on the left hand side
  1. Click on the User features box of the user you wish to work with
  1. Click on the Conference Bridge feature
Notion image
  1. Click to Enable
  1. Enter a PIN number
  1. Click on Save Changes

To join a Conference simply dial the Main Conference phone number


Enter the Conference Room number followed by the # key.

Enter the Conference Room PIN followed by the # key.


VoIP users and Conferencing


When a user's conference room is in use the user will still be able to receive a call on their VoIP phone. This call can either be DID, Extension call, Menu option to the user or ring group or to directly to a ring group itself.

Calls that are answered by a user using a VoIP phone can be added to the existing conference call if so desired.

The user, using a VoIP phone, can swap between the conference call and the call to the user if needed.

Conferencing using a Cell or Landline “only” on that user will not interrupt the conference call nor will it prevent a call from going to that device.

Users can manage their conference via the User Portal.

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