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Ring Groups

Distributing Calls to Multiple Users


Ring Groups

Ring groups are designed to ring to multiple extension owners so that a group of people can answer a call. Phones can ring simultaneously, overlapped, or in series.


How to Create a Ring Group

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  1. To create a ring group, start by selecting Ring Groups in the Dashboard.
  1. Click the Add Group button.
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  1. Fill in the Group Name and give the group an extension number. Note: The extension number of a Ring Group cannot match the extension number for a user or a voicemail box.
  1. Drag and drop the Users from the “Available Users” column to the “Selected Users” column that you want to be a part of the Ring Group
  1. Click on Create Group when you’re finished.

Ring Group Ring Duration

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  1. Click on the name of the group you just created.
  1. You will see an option for Group Call Attempts. This is the number of times a caller will ring to the members of the group before the Next Action feature will take effect. Mouse over the Group Call box and use the up/down arrows or enter the number of rings you prefer (1-9).
  1. Click “Save Changes” after you are finished to save the configuration.

Ring Group Distribution Options

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  1. Under Groups, click on the “Members” column to open up the distribution options for your agents.
  1. Here you have the option of automatically distributing ring durations; this will automatically adjust the sliders so each user rings one after another.
  1. The sliders are the manual distribution option for the agents - You may adjust these as you like, and can have multiple users with the same ring distribution in order to have them ring simultaneously in the group.
  1. Click “Save Changes” once you are happy with the time and order that the calls are supposed to ring your agents.

Dedicated Phone Number

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  1. If you would like your group to have a direct phone number, you can add one by clicking on the “Phone Numbers” column under groups.
  1. If you have extra numbers on the system already, you can select “Add from Spare Numbers” to select the number you wish to add.
  1. If you need to buy a number, you can select “Buy Numbers”, choose a local or Toll-free, and add the number to the group.
  1. Click “Save Changes” once you are finished to complete adding the number to the group.

Optional Ring Group Features

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  1. To access the group features, click on the “Group Features” column under “Groups”.
  1. Ringback allows you to have on-hold music or a hold message play while the inbound caller is waiting to connect to a ring group
  1. Next Action allows you to control how Dash should handle the call after the ring duration has expired or if the calls were missed; for example, sending the caller to a voicemail box.
  1. Allow Call-Forward allows the users to press their device “Forward” button to forward a call from this ring group. To enable, click on Allow Call-Forward from the features dropdown and click on the Disabled button to change it to Enabled.
  1. Caller ID prepend changes what your Caller ID will show when receiving calls from this group. This feature only affects the display on VOIP phones.


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  1. Click on the “Disabled’ toggle to swap it to “Enabled” to turn on the feature.
  1. Click on “Upload” to open the options to upload a new file.
  1. Click browse, choose your file and click the icon marked below to complete the upload.
  1. After you select the correct mp3 file, press the green button to begin the upload.
  1. After the file has uploaded successfully, click save changes to save the ringback.

Next Action

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  1. Click “Enabled” to enable the feature
  1. Select where you want your group to route as the next action from the dropdown menu.
  1. Click “Save Changes” to save the configuration.

Allow Call-Forward

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  1. Enable the feature by flipping the toggle to “Enabled”.
  1. Save changes after enabling the feature.

Caller ID Prepend

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  1. To enable, click on Caller-ID Prepend from the features dropdown and click on the Disabled button to change it to Enabled.
  1. Caller ID Name Prefix will change the Caller ID Name that shows up when receiving a call on a VOIP phone.
  1. Caller ID number Prefix will change the Caller ID Number that shows up when receiving a call on a VOIP phone
  1. Click on Save Changes to save your new configuration.
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