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User Portal

User Portal Features

Last updated on August 25, 2022


The User portal shows your voicemail, call history, faxes, contact list, conferences/settings,

and your general settings/devices.


Admin User:

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  1. For Admin Users, you will have to access the menu in the upper right
  1. Click User Portal to navigate to the portal as an Admin.
  1. Alternatively, you can also click your name on the top right of the Dashboard to navigate to the user portal.
    1. Note: Non-Admins will be brough to their specific user portal upon login.
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  1. You can use the gears on the right to choose which option you want to adjust on the User Portal
  1. You are not able to change your email login from this location - It must be done on the Dashboard.
  1. Password allows you to change the password used to login to Dash
  1. Timezone & Language lets you adjust your timezone and language preferences
  1. Date and Time Display lets you change how the date and time show up
  1. Colorblind mode - This turns colorblind mode on/off.
  1. This option allows you to either hide or show your caller ID number / Caller ID name
  1. This changes the format in which numbers are displayed on the account

Non-Admin User:

  1. Use the tabs along the top to navigate to different sections of the User Portal. By default the system starts you on the Voicemail Tab
  1. To listen or download your voicemails lick on the icons at the far right.
    1. the triangle is to play the message in your browser/computer
    2. the down arrow icon is to download the voicemail to your device
  1. Click on the box in front of a Voicemail to change its status
  1. You can choose to Marks as New, Mark as Listened or Mark As Deleted

NOTE: If delete after notification is enabled on the user’s voicemail box, no messages will show up here.

Keep in mind that you can only store up to 100 voicemails before the voicemail box is full.


Call History

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  1. Click on Call History.
  1. Select the start date and end date
  1. Click on Filter

Call History displays your inbound and outbound calls in the date range selected



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  1. If you have your own faxbox, you can click on the Fax tab to see your fax history
  1. Enter the date range you wish to review
  1. Click on Filter to see the results
  1. Green arrow to the right is an inbound fax. Yellow arrow to the left is an outbound fax
  1. You can click on the download icon to download the fax

Contact List

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  1. Click on Contact List to view the account’s contact info. This includes users, groups, auto attendants, feature codes, queues etc
  1. Quickcall allows Dash to setup a call between one of your devices and another phone number. Please view the complete guide here
  1. Use the search bar to find a specific contact
  1. Change the number of entries per page or click on the arrows to navigate through the list


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  1. Click on the Conference tab to access the conference settings
  1. While in a conference you have these options
    1. Invite other dash users to the conference
      1. A box will open up, click on Select some options to see other users
      2. Notion image

      b. Lock a conference

      c. Mute everyone

      d. Unmute everyone

      e. End the conference

  1. You also have options for individual participants
    1. Mute / unmute a specific person
    2. Deafen / undeafen a specific person
    3. Kick a person out of the conference

On the right side of the Conference tab you will see your settings

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  1. Here you can update both your moderator (yours) and participant PINs
  1. You have the option to have participants join muted or deafened as well to play entry and exit tones
  1. Click on Save Changes

Settings and Devices

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  1. Click on the Settings & Devices Tab
  1. Click to enable Call Forwarding
  1. Click on the Call Forwarding checkbox to set the number where you want to forward your calls. Enter +1 the area code and phone number.
  1. Click on Save

Keep Caller ID: will maintain the inbound callers callerID when the call is forwarded. If this is not checked the number the inbound caller dialed, will show up as the caller ID to the receiving device.


Note: Call Forwarding is designed to send calls to a cell phone or landline that is NOT a device on the user. Generally speaking, this is for rare or time to time usage vs everyday usage.

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