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Adding A Cell Phone or Landline


Adding a cell phone or landline are the same in essence -They dial out to a 10-digit phone number. This principle can be used to forward calls to 10 digit numbers that are NOT cellphones or landlines, like an outside answering service’s phone number for example.


Please remember to adjust the user’s Follow me - Ring Duration settings to make use of the new device.


Adding a Cell Phone

Notion image
  1. Click on Users on the left hand side
  1. Click on the User’s Device box
  1. Click on New Device
  1. Choose either cell phone or landline
Notion image
  1. Enter a name for the phone
  1. Enter the Device Name and phone number, leading with a +1.
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  1. Click on Save changes

Additional options for Cell phones and Landlines


You can edit the Advanced options for a Cell phone or Landline. There are two ways to get there. Devices - Wrench Icon

Users - user’s device box, click the device’s name

Notion image
  1. Click on Advanced
  1. Click on Options
Notion image
  1. Allow use of cellphone voicemail: When enabled, cell users no longer will be prompted to press 1 to answer a call. However if your cell phone voicemail picks up the call before the VPBX ring duration for the device ends, the inbound caller will end up in your cell phone’s voicemail box. Please lower the ring duration in VirtualPBX if this is happening to you unintentionally. This feature is also often used when sending calls to an automated answering service.
  1. Keep Original Caller-ID: When checked the Caller ID that shows up on your cell phone is the inbound caller’s phone number. If unchecked, the Caller ID that shows up on your cell phone will be the default Company Caller ID
  1. Hide from Contact List: When selected the phone number will not show up in the Dash Contact list. If unchecked, then the phone number will appear in the Dash Contact list
  1. If you make any changes, click on Save Changes
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