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Follow me - Ring Duration

Control how long the devices on a user ring

The Follow Me Calling feature is generally to control device’s ring duration independently of each other, although that can mean multiple devices ringing together if you so choose.


NOTE: SMS will not work when Follow Me is enabled. Calls from Groups will NOT make use of Follow Me Calling Settings.

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  1. Start by clicking on Users on the left
  1. Click on the User features box for the user you want to work with
  1. Click on the Follow Me Feature
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  1. Click to Enable
  1. Uncheck the boxes under Do Not Ring for the devices you wish to make use of
  1. There are to two options to determine the ring duration
    1. Click and drag the green sliders to the desired lengths. You can have multiple devices ring for the same duration, stagger the durations, or have durations overlap
    2. Or you can click on the Distribute button
  1. Click on Save Changes

Usage notes about Follow Me:


Incoming call handling options 2 or 3 that ring to a user, will ring for 20 seconds.  Those Incoming Call Handling options will not use Follow me settings for the user.

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