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New Account Setup (Automatically Configured Settings)

When you sign up for an account with VirtualPBX, we automatically set up a few basic features for you to help get you up and running quickly.


By the time you receive your Welcome Email, a few things will already be configured for you:

  1. We’ve assigned the number you chose at signup as a Main Company Number.
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  1. We’ve also set up a Virtual Receptionist with the following details:
    1. Main Menu option “7” will send callers to your Company Directory
    2. All other Main Menu entries will go to your admin
    3. A Text-to-speech greeting that includes your company name: ”Thanks for calling {{Account Name}}. Please stay on the line and you'll be transferred.”
    4. Our recommended setting for the number of retries, dialing timeout, outside recording, extension dialing, and invalid entries.
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        Notion image
  1. Your admin (identified during the signup process) will be created as a user with the following features set:
    1. A voicemail box with our suggested settings and a PIN (we’ll send this PIN in your Welcome Email, too)
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    2. An extension number
    3. A Web Phone device that can be logged into immediately if you signed up for our Pro or Ultra Plans.
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    4. OR if you signed up for our Starter Plan, we’ve added a Cell Phone Device on your admin user, which will forward calls to the contact phone number given during signup.
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