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Removing a Phone Number

Completely removing a number from your system

  • To remove any number, it first must be unassigned within your system, making it a “Spare Number”.
  • You may have to find the number on a user, group, queue, or other feature of the platform.
    • Click “Numbers” on the left hand side for assistance in finding where a number may be located.

Un-assigning a Main Number

Notion image
  1. Click on Main Number on the left
  1. Click on Main Company Numbers
  1. Click Un-assign next to the number you wish to remove
  1. Click on Numbers on the left side
Notion image
  1. Click on the Spare Numbers Tab
  1. Click on the checkbox in front of the number you wish to remove
  1. Click on the delete option that just appeared
Notion image

Confirm the deletion by clicking on Delete Number(s)

Notion image

Click Continue. You’ll be returned to the Spare Numbers page.

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