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VoIP Devices - FAQs

I just started using a VoIP device - What now?


How do I plug in and set up my desk phone?

  • Plug in power cord to power source.
  • Plug one end of an ethernet ethernet cable to the LAN port of the phone, and the other end into a network device with a valid internet connection (Gateway, switch, router, etc)
    • You may plug a SEPARATE ethernet cable, with one end in your PC/Laptop, and the other end in the PC port of the device, if you wish for your phone to be a passthrough for your internet connection.
  • Phone's purchased from us come pre-provisioned, once it connects to the internet the phone will automatically provision.

How do I make calls?

  • To dial a call, input the number you'd like to reach (make sure to include area code even if for local calls). Then, you can pick up the handset to initiate a call

How do I transfer calls?

  • Steps may vary depending on the make and model of your device, but generally every deskphone does have a transfer key on it. Transfer buttons on phones may be physical, or may only show up on β€œsoft” keys while on an actual call. While on a call simply click transfer key, type the number/extension you wish to transfer the calls to, then click transfer again .

How do I put a caller on hold?

  • Depending on the make and model of your device, there's a specific button on your deskphone to put calls on hold. Press the "hold" button to put the call on hold.

How do I check the make and model of my device?

  • The model of the phone is typically stamped on the front of most deskphones. You can also find it on the label on the back of the phone

Is my internet fast enough for VoIP?

  • Speed alone does not guarantee optimal VoIP results. In fact, it takes about 100kB up and down for a phone call. It does, however, need a consistent and reliable connection for excellent VoIP calls. If you are experiencing issues with yours phones, it may sometimes be related to your Network settings.
    • One setting in particular is SIP ALG, which should be disabled if you are experiencing issues. If you have any questions regarding a malfunctioning VoIP device, you can contact our support team.
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How do I check my voicemail messages using my deskphone?

  • Press the message button on your deskphone. Then, enter your voicemail number followed by # key, followed by your PIN and the # key one last time.

Can my VoIP device function over wireless internet connection?

  • Most Older deskphones do not support connection over wifi. Newer generations however have a built in wifi capability or a wifi dongle that allows connection through WiFI.
  • You can look up the make and model of your phone to check whether its capable of wireless internet connection. If troubleshooting needs to be done, VirtualPBX supports hard wired connections to establish if an issue may be related to a wireless signal.

What happens if my network goes down? Does it affect my VoIP device?

  • VoIP relies on internet connection to function. With that said, your VoIP devices will most likely be down as well. With good network back up you could reduce the impact of it, and keep your VoIP devices running.
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